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A place where amazing things Get Done!

When we say amazing things, we really mean it. This is the place where you enter to learn about the amazement of Solar technology and energy plundering from our host star, Sun and a sense of proudness for having it installed on your rooftop.

And this is the place where it all begins. You start enjoying the tranquility of paying less bills every-time thus saving more money for your everyday life plans and there is no match of having electricity available to your house even in severe load-shedding scenario.

7 years in business

Our organization and management in projects reflect our experience of 7 years in business

Loved by customers

Our outstanding customer services is the very reason that our customers always recommend us over others.

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Address: Office 39Q, Naveed Street, #2, New Lala Zaar, Rawalpindi

Phone: +92 51 515791

Email: info@brightbrothers.com.pk

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Monday - Saturday 9am to 6:30pm

Friday - 9am to 6pm

Sunday - Closed